Near, Far, You’ll Appreciate Celine Dion’s ‘Titanic’ Sweatshirt Wherever You Are

”Where to, miss?” Celine Dion‘s stylist asks the French Canadian diva while picking out looks in her walk-in closet. “To the stars,” she replies, pointing to her favorite oversized “Titanic” sweatshirt. 

We can only assume that’s the conversation that took place on Thursday before Dion exited her hotel during Paris Couture Week wearing a throwback jumper. The hoodie in question features the black-and-white faces of a young Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular ship sinks before them. Augmenting the allure are the words “Coming Soon” running down the sides of each of the sleeves. 

For all those digging through their closets for retro “Titanic” memorabilia, be forewarned. Celine’s sweatshirt reportedly costs a (Billy) in-zane $885. In an iceberg-like twist, the hoodie, designed by couture clothing brand Vetements, is currently sold out online

Now we challenge you all to one-up Celine with your own “Revolutionary Road”-themed apparel. It’s the next big thing. 

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Adele Fan Gets More Than She Bargained For When Singer Burps While Taking Selfie

Queen Adele, who can do no wrong in our book, proved she’s a normal human who burps — just like the rest of us. 

During her show at the Glastonbury Festival in the U.K. on Saturday, the singer brought a lucky fan named Maria onstage for a selfie. The two were standing side by side and Adele took Maria’s phone into her own hands to snap the pic. While doing so, the “Hello” singer let out a burp — and made sure to tell the entire crowd. 

“Oh my God, I just burped!” she shouted before bursting into laughter. “I’ll see you later Maria.” 

Adele then let the audience know that the “dirty burger” she had for dinner was to blame for the untimely belch, which some reportedly dubbed #Glastonburpy

But of course, Adele’s burp was just a minor part of her incredible set at the music festival. At one point, the Oscar-winning singer had the entire crowd join in while she performed “Someone Like You.” It really was a beautiful moment worth watching. 


TL;DR: Adele won Glastonbury.

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Meet James Corden: That Guy Who Carpools With All Your Favorite Celebrities

He’s belted with Adele, rapped with Hathaway and roared with Chewbacca Mom, but what do we really know about James Corden?

Vogue turned the tables on the “Late Late Show” host to ask him 73 questions in quick succession. A man who’s met so many A-Listers is bound to have some good stories, right? 

When asked whether there’s a celebrity who’d never make it into his carpool crew, the late-night star said his “History Boys” co-star Dominic Cooper should find another ride.

“He can walk,” Corden joked. 

There is, however, one person who will forever have an open invitation. Corden made it clear that his bucket list “Carpool Karaoke” guest would be Beyoncé, well, for obvious reasons. 

Watch Corden’s other confessions in the video above. 

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Prince, Gone 2 Soon, Spotlights the Complexities of Opioid Use

Today would have been Prince’s 58th birthday, and so as we celebrate his life and musical contributions, I wonder how this tragedy could have been prevented, how we, as advocates for compassionate and health-based drug policies, can do better to educate people, end stigma around opioid use, prescription and otherwise, and prevent overdoses.

Like most, when I first heard the reports of Prince’s death, I was in shock and disbelief. The purple iconoclast, performer, guitar god, activist, fashion provocateur and musical genius was the driving soundtrack of my youth, and a part of the fabric and landscape of all things culturally powerful, sexually explicit and unapologetically funky.

What happened?

Amid longstanding speculation that Prince died of an overdose, last week, toxicology results confirmed that Prince tragically died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. He is now one of nearly 19,000 Americans who die from opioid-based medication each year.

As more details emerge surrounding his final days and the help his people sought, his established use of opioid medication to treat chronic pain stemming from decades of demanding performances, Prince’s death, one highest profile cases to date, serves as reminder that we need to do better to educate people on drug use, legal and otherwise, misuse and how to prevent and decrease the probabilities of having an overdose.

Here are some starting points:

And finally, best said here, by my colleague Kevin Franciotti, “The harms associated with drug use, including fatal overdoses from opioids, need to acknowledge the role of stigma surrounding people who use them. Prince was known as an advocate for clean living, and if fear of being stigmatized as a drug addict was a contributing factor to his untimely death, just like it is for many others, serious consideration needs to include an end to the stigma around drug use.”

And here’s what we don’t do: Prince’s death should not lead to bad drug policies. What we should learn from this tragic event is that overdose is preventable and addiction is treatable. Let our compassion for one another and research grounded in science drive our drug policies. Otherwise punitive prohibition and stigma will continue to destroy lives.

In love and tribute, here’s one of my favorite Prince moments.

Melissa Franqui is the communications coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance.

This piece first appeared on the Drug Policy Alliance Blog:

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All The Questions We Have About Blake Lively’s Shark Movie ‘The Shallows’

On Monday, new footage of Blake Lively’s shark thriller, “The Shallows,” was released online, leaving us with so many questions. The new clip, combined with the film’s trailer, really builds up the suspense. But we want answers! Until we get them — hopefully on June 29 when the film hits theaters — we’ll ponder the 24 questions below.

1. Who is that little boy playing soccer?

2. Will he be safe?

3. Where did Blake get that apple?

4. And how is it so crunchy, after what was probably a major trek to get to this island?

5. Isn’t it against the rules to bring fruit on planes to different countries?

6. How does she have Wi-Fi/cell service on such a remote island?

7. Do people actually live on this island?

8. Where is she staying? 

9. Did she just get off the plane and land on this island?

10. Why does the shark only bite her but swallow the other guys?

11. How did those other guys not see the shark coming if they’re in such shallow water?

12. What is the chance there is actually a working gun in that buoy?

13. How did she know there’d even be a gun there?

14. Do all buoys have weapons in them? 

15. Will the seagull be her Wilson? 

16. Where did she get the knife?

17. Why is a sleeve ripped off at one point but attached at another?

18. Did she use her sleeve as a tourniquet?

19. How did she rip her sleeve so perfectly?

20. How much of this movie actually takes place on this rock? 

21. How did she retrieve that guy’s helmet? 

22. How long could she go without medical help? 

23. How much time passes in this movie? 

24. Do you think she actually kills the shark with that gun?

“The Shallows” hits theaters June 29. 

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10 Powerful Women Who Turned Insults Into Gold

Never underestimate a woman’s ability to clap back — especially a heavily-scrutinized woman in the public eye. 

From body-shaming and slut-shaming to straight up bullying, famous and visible women have to deal with a consistent onslaught of public insults. But in true badass form, many have mastered the art of telling their haters exactly where they can stick it. 

Here are 10 times that famous women took inherently misogynistic insults and turned them into comeback gold. 

1. Beyoncé

After Beyoncé’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance of “Formation,” she was accused of being “anti-cop,” and police forces all over the country threatened to boycott her Formation World Tour. Beyoncé dropped some truth bombs in her interview with Elle magazine following the performance — “If celebrating my roots and culture during Black History Month made anyone uncomfortable, those feelings were there long before a video and long before me,” she said. But she also made a profit off of her haters by selling “Boycott Beyoncé” merchandise at her concert in Miami, where president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police had called for a security boycott of the singer’s concert. 


2. Amber Rose 

Self-described “Bad Bitch” Amber Rose is no stranger to slut-shaming, and somehow she manages to keep her cool despite the trolls she so often puts up with. But earlier this year, when ex-boyfriend Kanye West had Twitter beef with her ex-husband and the father of her child Wiz Khalifa, she had no choice but to step in and remind everybody who’s in charge. 

Rose stayed quiet as West dragged her through a slut-shaming whirlpool, telling Khalifa in a now-deleted tweet that he “let a stripper trap” him. But she couldn’t stay out of the conversation when West brought her son into the conflict. Rose tweeted:


The comment shut West up — at least temporarily — and inspired him to apologize to Khalifa. Rose had a friendly meeting with West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, a few days later, in a stunning moment between two of America’s most consistently slut-shamed women. 

3. Amber Riley

Speaking of Ambers, the former “Glee” star recently used a post-dental surgery dose of novocain to articulate how ridiculous it is when people ridicule and try to police her body. 

“Do my thighs offend?” she asked. “Does my big juicy ass offend?” 

Her final request? “Let my big ass live.” 

I got some things I need to get off my chest, and my thighs, and my stomach

A video posted by Amber Riley (@msamberpriley) on May 20, 2016 at 10:46pm PDT


4. Serena Williams 

One frustrating reality of being a woman is that men often feel entitled to our smiles. But tennis champion (and “Lemonade” star) Serena Williams has no time for that bullshit. At a September 2015 press conference, a male reporter asked Williams why she wasn’t more cheerful and excited after winning a match. Her concise response was absolute perfection: “You’re not making this super enjoyable.”

5Ruby Rose 

Earlier this month, Rose was trending online for being “booted” and “kicked out” of a New Orleans restaurant after allegedly throwing French fries at a bartender, with the manager of the establishment saying that Rose was both “awful,” and a “horrible person.”

A few days later, Rose cleared everything up by explaining that the service at the restaurant was horrible, and that the bartender mocked her for her years-long sobriety. Most importantly, though, she apologized to the singular French fry. 

6. Taylor Swift

In 2009, Kanye West infamously hijacked Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards. The two had seemingly patched things up, but with the release of West’s album “The Life of Pablo,” came one misogynist lyric that did not sit well with Swift: “I think me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous.”

One week later, Swift picked up three Grammy Awards and, in her Album of the Year acceptance speech, said:

“As the first woman to win album of the year at the Grammys twice, I want to say to all the young women out there: There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. But if you just focus on the work and don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you’re going, you’ll look around and you’ll know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there. And that will be the greatest feeling in the world.” 

7. Tyra Banks

When supermodel Tyra Banks had a series of unflattering photos taken of her at the beach in 2007, she used her platform as a talk show host to give an impassioned speech, and tell her haters exactly what she thinks they should do — all while wearing the same swimsuit in which she had been photographed. 

(Spoiler alert: You can kiss her fat ass.)

8. Hillary Clinton 

Former secretary of state and current democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton has faced her fair share of sexist commentary throughout the primary election cycle. But when Republican frontrunner Donald Trump accused her of playing the “woman card,” she struck campaign gold. The Clinton campaign created a “woman card,” and proceeded to gain 2.4 million dollars in donations following Trump’s comment. 

9. Chrissy Teigen

Supermodel and author Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her and husband John Legend’s (adorable) baby daughter last month. But when she dared go out to dinner 10 days later, she received a barrage of judgement from her Instagram followers. 


Her sarcastic response was spectacular. When one follower on Twitter asked, “How is baby Luna?” Teigen jokingly replied with the following: 


10. Gabourey Sidibe 

After Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe made the grave mistake of being a woman attending an awards show while wearing a dress, she received a storm of criticism about her weight. Sidibe, who wore a stunning Michael Costello Couture dress at the 2014 Golden Globe awards, had the perfect response to her haters. She casually reminded them that her charmed life as a successful actress is infinitely better the one they spend criticizing a woman’s weight from behind their screens. 


Slay on, queens. 

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The Heartbreaking Way Celine Dion Used ‘Up’ To Explain Her Husband’s Death To Their Kids

Just before Celine Dion’s husband, René Angélil, died, the singer said that she told her husband not to worry about anything in the final moments they shared. 

“You were worrying for my career. You were worrying for the children,” Dion recalled saying to him in an interview with ABC News’ Deborah Roberts. “You were worrying for everything. It’s enough. Do you trust me? Please do. Trust me.”

The singer said that she also told Angélil, “The kids are fine. I’m fine. I promise you, we’re gonna be OK. Please leave in peace. I don’t want you to worry.” 

Angélil died at 73 after a long battle with throat cancer on January 14, leaving behind Dion, three children from previous marriages, and the couple’s three kids, René-Charles, 15, and twins Eddy and Nelson, 5. Dion told Roberts that she used the Disney movie “Up” to help explain their father’s death.  

“Before I told them that their dad was not there, I talked about when we, everybody, gets sick. Then I said, ‘Do you remember the movie “Up”?'” the singer said. 

“It’s one of our favorite,” Dion recalled. “‘Oh,’ they said. ‘Yes, Ellie went up. You know, she, with the balloons.’ And I said, ‘Well, yeah … You know, today Papa went up.'” 

In 2015, Dion told “Good Morning America” that her husband’s cancer left him unable to talk or swallow and that she had to feed him three times a day with a feeding tube. A few months prior to his death, the singer revealed she and her husband had already discussed his funeral and what would happen when he died. 

“I’ll say, ‘You’re scared? I understand. Talk to me about it,'” Dion said in an interview with USA Today. “And René says to me, ‘I want to die in your arms.’ OK, fine, I’ll be there, you’ll die in my arms.” 

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